So, problems and home?

February 27, 2016

Hello everyone,

So, it’s time to be honest, no more beating around the bush anymore. Yes, I am planning on coming back home. I have had a migraine for the past almost 4 weeks now, and it hasn’t been getting any better. I have tried my absolute best to stay out and work, but at this point, I’m just bringing my companion down. We haven’t been able to do more than maybe 8-12 hours in a week of work. All because of me. It’s been a very big mess for both of us for the past few weeks, and it’s been tearing my emotions to shreds!

I will have more information soon, I love you all, and thank you so much for the support that you all have given me so far!

Elder White

(Mommy Moments: So I just have to say how hard this has been for him. He has suffered greatly. This wasn’t the way he wanted to end his mission. I feel bad for him, but unfortunately the meds he has been given to him by the Doctor has not helped. Hopefully when he comes home we can get this all figured out. Many will judge him but the only one that gets to do that is the Lord. We will see what the Mission President says. Ultimately it is in his hands. )

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Doing better!

February 20, 2017

Hello everyone!

So, I don’t know if my mom has proclaimed to anyone of you yet but I have been sick for the past two weeks. And I finally was able to get a doctors appointment! So God answers prayers! This week has been pretty slow because of it! And I am hoping that the doctor will fix me up! I will be able to let everyone know on Thursday how it goes!

Sorry for short email! I promise next week will be longer and filled with more info!

Love you all!

Elder White

(We haven’t said anything because we didn’t want to worry anyone. Elder White has had a migraine for the past two weeks. He hasn’t been able to do much. President was going to send him home except he was able to get in to a Doctor. So we are just going day by day and week to week to see what happens. He has been pretty sick and has been to Chiropractors, and so we are just waiting. We feel whatever happens is totally what the Lord wants to happen.)

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Another Week! LOOK AT THAT!

February 13, 2017

Hey family!

So, sorry in advance for the short email this week. Not too much has happened for the past while, just a lot of going around and showing Elder Greenwood more members. One of the members actually has been doing some work! He started to talk to two people on sunday at a car shop (his tires started to leak to much and needed them replaced ASAP atleast according to him 😂) and those two people actually want to learn more! So sometime this week he wants to take us out and go meet with them! that’s FLIPPEN exciting! When members do missionary work, it makes our work easier 😀, so speaking from experience, and without being mean, DO SOME MISSIONARY WORK! Just because you ain’t no proselyting missionary, don’t mean you can’t talk to some people, and like this member you could potentially get someone to agree to lessons! Which is VERY IMPORTANT! You will also get so many blessings for it! Many prophets in the past have exclaimed to us over and over that “every member is a missionary”! President Hinckley said awhile ago (sometime around 1995) that there were “approximately 300,000 new converts to the church, which equals to about 120 new stakes but it’s not enough!”. After that he goes on to say that “I am not being unrealistic when I say that with concerted effort we could double that!” I did a bit of research, and so far, we haven’t even come CLOSE to doubling that!
Now, this email is not to beat on anyone for not doing missionary work (I most certainly didn’t do any of that when I was home) I also didn’t have anything to write about this past week 😂. But, it would be very cool to hear about all of your stories back at home about doing missionary work! Whether it is talking to someone at the store, inviting someone to church, or giving the “family proclamation to the world” to someone! Planting those seeds is important! When they are planted by us, God will “give the increase” or in other words, he will do most of the work! (1 Corinthians 3: 6-7)
I love you all OH so much!
Elder White
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February 6, 2017

Hello my family and friends!

So this week has been interesting. Me being in charge of the Lake Ozark area has been pretty hard if I am honest! But it has been a really good opportunity for me to learn how to be in charge! We did get a new investigator on Saturday, he’s marrying “a mormon” (in his words) and she wants to get married in the temple so she’s forcing him to take the lessons! He is willing though, he said he has been wanting to learn more about the church anyway, so it’s all good. His name is Derrick (not sure what his last name is) and well… the hardest thing for him is going to be the Word of Wisdom. Just like it is with everyone else out here! We have 2 other investigators that are almost ready for baptism but they also have smoking problems! It’s a very interesting situation out here.

Anyway, Elder Greenwood is really awesome. He’s funny and really chill. He’s a bit more strict on the rules than Elder Gauna was, but I take that as a blessing!

We haven’t had too much work, so I don’t have too much to write! Especially since my last email was on Wednesday!

But, thanks for the support I have been getting! I love you all so much!

Elder White

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Hello family/friends!

February  1, 2017

Hey family and friends!

Sorry that this is so late, my Mission President decided to try
something new. Meaning since transfers are this week, he wanted P-day
to be the day before transfer day, so that’s why I am emailing
everyone right now!

So transfers, I am staying where I am, and Elder Gauna is going to MTN
Grove Missouri. My new companion will be Elder Greenwood. Elder Gauna
says he’s a really funny person and really cool. So that’s awesome!
Also, said that his funnest transfer was with Elder Greenwood! It’s
going to be hard seeing Elder Gauna leave though, he has been super
fun to be around and he’s really good at teaching the Gospel! But
we’ll see how things go this next coming 6 weeks!

Anyway, we had an interesting visit with one of our new investigators
“Rochelle”. She came to us which was awesome, her sister is a member
and her mom is investigating the church also, so I’m guessing that’s
what got her interested in learning more. She already believes a lot
of the same things that we do. But she feels like if she goes to our
church she’d be “betraying” her church that she went to, but hasn’t
been going to that church because the pastor doesn’t live there anymore.
So it’s an interesting situation. We had one of her good friends come
over (who is a member) and talk to her. Kyle (the friend) is really
amazing, when he was talking I just knew that it was making sense to
Rochelle. She understood and is liking our church more and more! We
are meeting with her again on sunday, i’ll try to get kyle to go over

Also, President Loveland Thought it a great idea to change our number
in the middle of the day on saturday. He wanted us to have a more
local number, so all of our tracting we did just 2 weeks ago is now
void! We gave like 5 Books of Mormon to people, and they all had our
number in them! I am kind of upset about it, but whatever he sees fit
and good for us I’ll go along with too. (Even though it caused a lot
of headaches and stress to both me and Elder Gauna). A lot of the
members were trying to get a hold of us and we didn’t know until that
night. One of the members was actually thinking we were dead! They
were fully prepared to go to our apartment to check on us. That made
me feel loved!

Well that was my week! Thanks for all the emails and the letters! I
really do appreciate all that everyone has done for me so far! Love
you all!

Elder White

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Hey everyone!

January 23, 2017

Hello family and friends!

So nothing quite interesting happened this week, well I mean not a
lot. We had a baptism on Thursday! So that is very exciting for us!
I’ll attach a photo of him!

Actually I lied, after the baptism his wife became a little interested
in what we believe. And oh boy, she is a VERY interesting person! We
talked to her for about an hour and 45 minutes. We answered questions,
explained a lot of what we believe, and we had a blast talking with
her. What’s interesting about her though, is she has a “gift”. This
gift of hers allows her to see a little bit of the “spirit world” or
the spirits that are on the earth. She works at hospice, and according
to her she can tell when someone is about to die down to the very
hour. I was very skeptical at first, but then she caught my companion
off guard and started asking him about his grandpa, who is dead, and
started explaining what he looked like. She has weird moments where
she just starts talking about spirits she is seeing. Her husband
backed her up and swore that what she was saying is true, apparently
there house is haunted and Steve Melton (that’s who we baptized and is
her husband) has been scratched by devils.

I know it’s really weird, and sounds out of this world, but I don’t
think she is lying, she is a very truthful lady and is really nice! I
can’t wait to start teaching her soon we have an opportunity to teach
her on Tuesday!

Also I am attaching the photos of all the ice that came down on us 2
weeks ago! Our apartment is weirdly located, where we have to go down
stone slabs to wooden stairs, and all of that was flippin’ frozen, I
slipped so many times trying to get up and down those, fortunately I
was not injured! It was very beautiful though!

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week! hopefully I’ll have more next week!

I love you all!

Elder White

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What’s good everybody?

January 16, 2017

Hello e’erybody!

So, I’ve been great… just dealing with the ice storm that just happened. The funny thing is, I was on an exchange (where we switch companions for a day) and I wasn’t prepared for anything, and my new companion decided to go tracking! Ya, he has thermals, a trench coat, all of that fancy stuff and tells me “huh, it’s a bit cold out!”. I won’t express my feelings I had towards that person at that time.
Unfortunately I don’t have my camera with me at the moment, so i’ll have to email pictures of the beautiful ice covering literally everything! It was very pretty, I promise I’ll email pictures of it next week!
This week was fairly uneventful, there is one thing I do want to explain, it was while I was on my exchange. This man answers his door (his name is Shawn) and he asks us to come in before we even say a word. So, we go in, and he starts explaining why he let us in. Shawn said that “I was once a missionary for my church. I was a full blown baptist, only read the king James version of the bible! I loved it! So whenever any missionary knocks on my door, I let them in and allow them to talk to me.” We then start talking to him, get to know him a bit more, and then he tells us a story about when he served in the military. He tells us that one day when he was riding in a big armored vehicle, there was about 5 people on each side of the vehicle, meaning a set of seats on each side besides the back and front. But on the front side there was one seat, and there sat a Muslim.
He then explains that “what are you going to do if you are riding for 8 hours straight? you are going to start talking to somebody. We both were pretty familiar with our books” (hes talking about their bibles, I don’t remember what the Muslims “book” is)” and we start bashing each other. In the end, not one of us could say who was right, we each had solid arguments. After that, I couldn’t say I was a christian any more. That argument TORE” (He literally emphasized that word) “my religion from me.” He goes on a little bit more but I found it interesting that because of one silly little argument he couldn’t say he “knew the truth anymore”.
I’m getting to my point just keep reading! Anyways, so we start having a little discussion about our church, it never got heated, he respected us so much that he never disregarded what we were saying. He played “devils advocate” the whole time. Like we couldn’t satisfy him at all. He couldn’t accept that we know our church is true because of the Holy Ghost. He says, “but that’s not good enough, I need to know the ‘why'”. We would continue to explain how other things of the church were through revelation, and he would say stuff like “well how do you know” and we would say “we prayed about it and asked if it was true”. He absolutely could not accept that.
When we tried to get him to commit to reading the book of mormon and pray if it’s true. He said “no… well you know what, yes I will”. I’m hoping that he actually prays with real intent, because he really does want the truth, but he is very unwilling to do any work to find it. I wanted to explain to him that “you can’t find something if you don’t look for it” but I decided against it.
So, what I learned from this. I learned that people can be really stubborn, but if you are patient with them, even they can’t say no to trying something they haven’t done before. We were talking with him for a little bit more than an hour. We just kept trying to convince him that through the spirit, if you have real intent to know, you can find the truth for any question. Of course, if God deems it worthy to be answered!
I really enjoyed meeting with him, I learned a lot about teaching. But anyway that’s all I’ve got for this week! I love all of yalls!
Elder White
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Hey Family/Friends!

Jan. 9, 2017

Hello me famiglia (Italian for family if you didn’t guess it)

Here is the address yall’s can send letters or packages to “4320 Osage Beach Pkwy, Osage Beach, MO 65065” Just so I don’t forget!

So, Lake Ozark! It’s a lot better than Henryetta in like every aspect known to man. It’s spacious, but not too spacious, it has a lake that I can’t go too, and everyone that’s inactive is on the far side of the dadgummin town… Thankfully we have a truck, but we only get so many miles, and the members here aren’t too cooperative with giving us rides… and we also only get like 1400 miles a month to do what we have to, so its hard on us. That doesn’t stop us though, because we have been putting in a lot of work. I am pretty sure the mission office will understand if we go a bit over. At least I hope…
My companions name is Elder Guana, not Gon or Connor. But so far he is an absolutely amazing person to be around! he’s really funny, teaches the Gospel really well, and he’s really patient! Now, I’m not saying I have been a burden on him, but with what’s been going on recently, he has shown lots of patients. Let me explain:
So one of our newest investigators had a dream about her dad. Her dad apparently came to her and told her that he is now a Mormon, and that she reminds him of Brigham Young. Ya, interesting right? So we explain to her that “oh ya Brigham Young was an amazing man, really nice” and all that. She takes it and starts almost praising herself when she heard that… But the best part out of all of this, so this happened on Saturday. The very next day, she calls us at FOUR O’clock IN THE MORNING! So we decide not to answer because sleep is very very very very important to us missionaries. but then she calls us again just an hour earlier! we ignore again because we decide “if she had another dream about the church, it can wait till the morning.” after she calls again she starts texting. Her texts were explaining this “I’ve been kicked out of my husbands moms house, they both don’t want anything to do with me anymore, I’m outside, cold, hungry, and out of gas. Please help me!” so we read this and think, well what can we do? were not allowed to have her in the car with us, but then she texts almost right after “I’m at my sisters house, but please help me, Don’t turn your back on me. I know Jesus Christ will pull me out of this.”
So it’s at this time that we text her back and explain to her, “we’re sorry that has happened, we can’t do much at this time, please just hang on for a little bit we need to get the whole situation before we can do anything”. so she says “OK thank you” and we continue on with our Sunday by getting ready and going to church. We also thought to tell the bishop but one of the Elderly missionaries told us “just stay out of it, I’ll figure it out”. so we don’t go to the bishop then and continue with our day!
It’s a very interesting situation for us, and my companion has been very stressed out over this. She still texts us asking us “whats going on” and stuff like that. But we don’t think we can help her out very much because it’s not our place for that! we are going to see her husband and get the full story before we make any big decisions!
But ya, that’s probably the most interesting thing I have ever heard of and been apart of so far on my mission! Anyway, I am really enjoying this area, the people that we have been teaching so far have been really cooperative with the Gospel, in fact we have a baptism on Friday! Elder Guana and his previous companion have been teaching him for a while and he is ready for baptism! So things are going great! I truly am grateful to be here, and I know that everything that has been happening that’s been good has been because of the Lord! I haven’t forgotten that and I will never forget it!
I love you all! and i’ll see yall soon! (as in a year 10 months and like 2 weeks)
Elder White
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New year, New Email

Jan. 2, 2017

Hey family and friends!

So yes, I am getting transferred after just 2 weeks and a few days in Henryetta. The area I am in (Tulsa East) is getting taken away and put into the Oklahoma City mission. So, I am getting “shotgunned” out and being put into Lake Ozark, Missouri! I am pretty pumped to go into another area, which I wasn’t told what area it is in. All I know is the city that I am going to, my companion, and who is taking me to Lake Ozark.
My companions name is Elder Connor? Honestly I don’t know his name… when I got into the Conference call I couldn’t understand what his name was. Elder Thurgood (my companion) said “I think they said Elder Gon”. I’ll update everyone next week and let you know for sure.
But Lake Ozark… So far from the pictures I have seen, it looks similar to Henryetta, but with water all around it. Seems like it has so many trees everywhere too… Just like over here, but they are all either dead or really ugly because they have no leaves. And still no mountains to be seen there, just hills and flatness. I miss the mountains around me! They make a city look so much better, and they also protect you from tornadoes, so mountains are just a plus to a state/city.
So my last thoughts about leaving Henryetta. I don’t want to leave quite yet. Everything good just started to happen! We’ve been meeting with an amazing family that owns a zoo in their backyard and they are so nice and so open to the gospel. Elder Thurgood and I taught them almost 3 whole lessons one day because they had so many questions. They were super receptive to what we were saying, and even agreed to go to church and read the Book of Mormon. They showed up at church, but couldn’t stay the whole time, which is fine! They really liked how our church ran, they especially liked the idea of the youth and other people speaking in church instead of just one preacher. I told the two elders to send me a picture of their baptism (I just know they will get baptized!) when it happens. But I know the Lord wants me in Lake Ozark, I wouldn’t be sent there for no reason, and maybe i’ll be able to do a lot more work there than what I have done here!
But anyway, I am really starting to get used to missionary work and life. Everything (or so I have noticed) is so much easier when you actually feel like you get things done. Which is why I don’t want to leave Henryetta quite yet, but like I said earlier, God wants me in Lake Ozark for a reason!
I love you all! Thanks for the letters and the emails, I really do appreciate it!
Elder White
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Fifth email!

December 26, 2016

Buenos Dias Familia (and friends)

I think that’s how you spell it… I’m not even sure that’s correct spanish for “good afternoon family”. I am too lazy to get on google translate and see if it is correct spelling!
Anyway, everything is going pretty good over here. Not in the way of investigators or baptisms, but I’m doing ok in case any of you are wondering. This area is pretty hard, and is known to the mission as the hardest area, especially without a car. Everyone I want to go see is super far away by means of biking to them, and lots of the members are busy when we want to go see them. So, it’s pretty difficult! But I’m not too upset about that, I’m leaving this area in about a week anyway, so the new missionaries can deal with this area!
Christmas was a flippen’ blast. I had the time of my life over at my Ward Mission Leaders mother in law’s place. There was 15 of us, so not too big compared to the White’s get together’s, but them people over there are funny as heck. None of them but Brother Colett (ward mission leader) are LDS, but they are really respectful of us and are clean with their jokes. No swears, no disrespect to us, and they didn’t make fun of our church! The only thing they made fun of was themselves! Even Chick (that’s what they call their mom, shes like 80 somethin’) was making jokes. It felt like I was at home, and I would go back in a heart beat. They even gave me presents! I got a pure silver coin from one of them, and European chocolate! Which isn’t the most amazing chocolate… it’s actually pretty gross if I am 100% honest with everyone. The brand is Merci “Europe’s finest assortment of chocolates”. Nasty, I’ll take a Hershey chocolate bar over that. I also got a nice tie from Brother Colette.
Getting to call my family was awesome. Although, nothing really new has happened in the month, week, and 3 days i’ve been gone, but it still felt nice to catch up a little bit. Got to talk for 45 minutes, while my companion talked for nearly 2 hours… Obeying mission rules brings blessings is what I’m told 😅.
Another family on Christmas eve had us over for dinner, that was pretty good, but that family is a little bit crazy… but they also gave me a present! I got a camo beanie from them and a stocking filled with candy.
Also, I am sending my SD card soon that has pictures and a video on it. Some of the pictures shows what I got on Christmas. Ya’ll will also see a few roads, my apartment, and my residence. So be expecting that sometime in the near future!
Well, that’s my update! I love ya’ll so much and miss everyone! So far this mission has been moving by pretty fast! Thanks for the letters and cards by the way!
Elder White
(Mommy Moments: I want you to know he is not in a Spanish speaking mission, Pfftt!! This is just Elder White’s personality shinning through. Tee Hee!! He will be leaving Oklahoma next week, he will no longer get to serve in Oklahoma. That state is being taken out of his mission and put in to another mission. We got to talk to Elder White on the phone on Christmas Day. I am so thankful for the Gospel, it really does change lives.)
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