First email of my two year mission

Hello everyone!

So far the MTC is pretty awesome. I have met a lot of awesome elders and sisters and have made friends with them. I’ve only had a problem with one sister so far, which is nice because I hate dealing with stupids. She’s also in my district… so it’s the worst. She can be cool at times, but most of the time she’s not. Oh well, God gives us trials and this could be one!

Anyway, lets talk about the food. It’s mediocre at best. Lots of the Elders in my room complain of stomach aches almost every day. So far though I have been feeling ok, no bad reactions from the food for me! Also the thanksgiving lunch was ok. Ya, it was a lunch and not a dinner… I was upset. But I am still great full for the food I was provided. After the lunch we watched Ephram’s Rescue, which was one of the best LDS films I have ever seen! If any of you haven’t watched it please do, you will learn a lot about the church from back then. It’s amazing seeing the main character “Ephram” do the work he did! It really made me want to be more like Christ and to be “worthy when the time comes”. Super inspirational!

Also, during my MTC stay, I can read anyone’s emails anytime I want, I just can’t reply till P day. Today is Friday, but my P day is usually on Thursday. Since it was thanksgiving they moved this weeks P day to today, but every other week it will be on Friday. I am not sure what my P day will be after the MTC,  it I will let everyone know!

If any of you know someone that would like to get an email instead of going to my blog, send me their email and I’ll put them into the list! The blog is this one:

Whoa, that’s a huge link. On my screen it’s big, I don’t know what it will look like on yours. If that link doesn’t work, ask my mom for it!
So a little bit more information about my district, there are twelve of us in total. 8 Elders and 4 Sisters. I absolutely love everyone, even the one sister that bugs me, and they are gonna be great friends while I’m here. My companions name is Skyler Powell, he’s an interesting fellow, and he seems like he has confidence issues when he speaks to investigators. Even though when we talk we can talk for a long time about anything, I know he is worthy to hold the spirit, because I have felt it and his testimony is super strong! I’m guessing he’s just shy to new people, that’s how it was the first few days with us.
For the next companionship comes Elder Norris and Elder Westover. They are the funniest people I have ever met in a long time. Elder Norris is constantly making me laugh, although at night, his snoring is super loud. Imagine a 275 weighing man with the a snore that changes tone every 5 minutes. He keeps me up sometimes, but what am I going to do? Not like I’m gonna put a pillow over his head… ;). Both are awesome people, strong testimonies, love them both.
Next is Elder Morley and Elder Hartman. These two are compassionate and funny as well. They both have strong testimonies on the Atonement, which makes them really in tune with the spirit. They are the two I would talk to if I needed help with something. These two also don’t keep me up all night, so that’s a plus!
Next is Elder Niemann and Elder Rose. Elder Niemann is our District Leader. He is the one that keeps us on task when we are studying, which I appreciate a lot. Both are very strong with the church. Elder Rose is a very cool person to be around, we had to be in a trio companionship for the first day because his companion was running late. Both are amazing.
Next is Sister Robinson and Sister Christensen. Sister Christensen is very energetic, but when it comes to studying, she needs the room to be quiet… she is definitely interesting. Sister Robinson is more calming, but is still really energetic. She is the type of person I would trust with secrets. If that makes sense to you guys!
Next is Sister Raine and Sister Heaton. Sister Raine is the Sister I had problems with. I won’t go into detail since I did earlier in the email. Sister Heaton on the other hand is awesome. She is cool to be around, we were doing a role play where I was the investigator and she was the missionary, Raine was apart of it too, they were both missionaries, but whatever about her ;). Just kidding. When they both bore their testimonies at the end of the lesson, they were both amazing, I could just feel the spirit in them, and it was awesome. They will be very successful in the field!
So that is my email! Email me if you have questions, for I will have all day to answer them! I’m going to the temple at 12:30 and I’ll probably be done by 3ish, depending on what the district wants to do. Expect answers from now till 12, then from 4 or 5 to 10! So get to emailing please!
I love you all and I’ll see you in Two!
Elder White
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