Second email of my two year mission

Hello everyone!

This week went a lot better than the last one I believe. Everyone in my district are getting along rather well, we are learning a lot, and no one hates each other. I like the last part the most.
I’m starting to feel more comfortable speaking to my “P.I.s” (progressing investigators). They are my teachers that act like an investigator they knew. I’m relying on the spirit to help me to say the right things, my companion is feeling more confident when he talks, and we’re getting better at teaching as a team. Our TRCs are impossible to satisfy it seems… I’m not sure what TRC stands for, but they are basically a hired investigator that is already apart of the church. Meaning they are just practice for us. yay.
Our first TRC is Ian Jemenez. He’s interested in eternal families and wants to learn more about that, but our problem with that is he needs to be apart of the church to be able to use that ordinance, but he doesn’t want to get baptized… I realize that I’m not doing something right if after three visits he doesn’t want to be baptized. I have prayed about it, talked with my companion to figure something out, and nothing is coming to us.
Our second TRC is Katie Lee. Now she is the frustrating one. She is the investigator that agrees with everything we say, says she understands it, and then has no questions. Why is this frustrating? Because we don’t feel like she is actually learning anything. I think we figured her out though. We think we should ask her to explain what we have taught her in her own words to see if she is actually understanding what we are saying. We will see how that will go.
Here is a picture of my district. The person that is standing on the fountain to the left is Elder Rose, and the other person next to him is Elder Morely. Starting from the farthest left in the middle is Elder Hartman, the Elder Niemann (pronounced kneemen), then Elder Norris, Elder Westover, My companion Elder Powell, the ME. I promise my eyes aren’t closed in the picture. It may look like it, but it’s just the shadow that was over my eyes because the sun was in the wrong position. Now the Sisters. From the farthest left it goes: Sister Robinson, Sister Christensen, Sister Raine, and then Sister Heaton.
That is my district! (also if the picture doesn’t work for some reason let me know and I’ll resend it! that or I’ll send it to my mom and she’ll put it on my blog or something.)
I am still a little sick from Sunday, I’ve had a cold since then. I’ve just been keeping warm, and praying to get better soon, because this sucks!
Love you all! thanks for all the B-day emails! I have read them all! I’ll try to reply to those that sent me and emails from Monday!
I’ll see you in Two!
Elder White
District in the MTC
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