WEEK 3!! WOW!!

Well, hello!

Seems like forever since the last time I emailed. Feels like a week, weird right? 🙂
So I am doing fantastic. Besides this cold that won’t leave my body right now, I’m doing awesome. My testimony is growing everyday that I am here, I have better TRC’s, and I have better TRC’s! Exciting I know!
My TRC’s are fantastic! They do everything that ed them, and two of them are committing to baptism! Now, I don’t think they are real investigators so no actual baptisms will take place, but let’s pretend there will be so I feel better about myself :P.
The first TRC is Lance Beasly. Unfortunately I was only able to meet with him once, since the last two times failed, because he was having internet problems! So we got a new TRC person to take his place, and her name is Rachel Gottferdson. We have only met with her once and we’ll only get one more visit, but it was interesting teaching someone on the spot. We didn’t have time to plan for her lesson at all because it came outta no where! but we did a pretty good job i’d say!
Next TRC is Paula North, she is one of the two that we committed to baptism and she is AMAZING! She is super interested in the church, and doesn’t disagree with anything that we have taught her, or at least she says. She wasn’t hesitant about committing to baptism at all, so I took that as a good sign! It makes me feel really good to know that even though this is all pretend in the long run, I am improving on my teaching with the spirit. It was really hard at first because I was teaching through my words and not the spirits!
And my last TRC person is Kaelin Holdaway. She listens so carefully about the church (because she wasn’t a part of any other religion before) and finds it fascinating! She doesn’t talk too much, but she has questions at least so it doesn’t make us meeting with her hard.
So anyways, how is everyone doing? My mum gave me a bit of a rundown about grandma and grandpa white’s house, and I’m sorry to hear about that! I will keep you two in my prayers while I am out here and have faith that it will get cleaned up fast! Other than that though, I don’t know much about home, life, and  people, please let me know! I am super curious about everyone, I been gone for 3 weeks now so SOMETHING has to be different about everyone. Right?
Well, that’s all I really got, nothing much happens at the MTC besides nothing sooo…. yaaa. 🙂
I hope everyone is doing well! Also Thanks for the letter that you sent Grandma and Grandpa! I will be sending one to you and Mark soon! I love everyone so much and miss all of ya’lls!
I’ll see you in Two!
Elder White
(Mommy Moment: He isn’t even in the field of Arkansas yet but he sure is getting the”ya’lls”down!! Pfftt!! Miss that kid.)
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