Fourth email

Dec. 19, 2016
Well, last week was a blast. On Tuesday Elder Holland came and spoke to the missionaries for the devotional! Two apostles, and a member of the seventy in four weeks! That’s flippin’ cool as heck. He gave a wonderful talk about being a missionary and about Joseph Smith. He “threatened” us (in his words he said he’s not threatening) saying he’d choke us if we came home early. He’s such an inspiration to us missionaries, lots of my district in the MTC said that the moment they saw Elder Holland all their worries went away. Lots of us were worried about the plane ride and our missions, but when Elder Holland came in, they said they were at peace with themselves.
So about Wednesday… I didn’t sleep the night prior because I had to be up and ready and at the flight office at 3:30 AM. So I was tired, I was worried that I would miss my alarm. That kind of sucked… long night, not being able to sleep, and the plane ride was the most uncomfortable ride I have ever been on. Those seats allow for no room to be comfortable. I slept for maybe an hourish tops on the ride. The screen in front of my face was tempting me to watch a movie, I didn’t so stop gaspin. Mom, Dad, come get me in a year and 11 months please, no more plane riding for me! :).
My stay in the mission home was embarrassing, because I got no sleep I fell asleep during a presentation. Apparently I was completely out for 10 minutes, and when they tried to wake me up i wasn’t responding. The mission president was understanding though. When I finally woke up it was my turn to go in for an interview. Still a little wobbly, I was able to understand what Him and Sister Loveland said and asked, and the interview went fantastic. I learned though, that I was the only person in my group of 9 (2 sisters and 7 elders) to go to the Tulsa East area. Right now I am in Henryetta, Oklahoma, I can never remember my address, my parents have the address so if you wish to send something please, by all means send something 😊.
So far, the area is creepy. Lots of old houses, some even beaten in by the weather (I hope). The area has been tracked out pretty well. Any time I go to a house, they look at me and my companion and say something like “your kind has already been here before, and were not interested”. So we usually just wait for referrals, or for someone in the ward to go with us to teach someone. That hasn’t happened yet though. I am going tomorrow with the ward mission leader to teach two peoples. Oh, also we were able to get into one ladies house and teach her. I gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it, were planning on going back tomorrow and see if she has or hasn’t! That was my first Book of Mormon I have given out, it’s the one that I got from the visitor center in St. George.
So a little bit of FYI, I am leaving this area in either a week and a half or two and a half. The Tulsa East mission is being taken out of the Bentonville Arkansas mission and being added to the Oklahoma mission (forgot the city). So if you want to send something, send it before this Sunday, or send it to the mission office (parents have the address, I keep forgetting).
So, my companion… His name is Elder Thurgood, he leaves in about 7 months, weighs 230ish pounds, is about 5 foot 10. He’s pretty lazy, but so am I so we got something in common. Doesn’t like riding his bike in the cold, so we walk everywhere. Oh, and about that, we don’t have a car, even though everyone that we want to teach is on the other side of our area’s boundaries. Even by bike it would be a 45 minute bike ride, and in this weather of humidity and coldness, we would be froze stiff. It was 8 degrees yesterday (I feel so sorry for those in Canada) we were told to stay in our apartments it was so cold. On Saturday it started to rain sleet. And were told to go into our apartments at around 5ish I believe.
So that’s my update, email me if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be able to email next Monday! can’t stay long here in the library! I love and miss you all at home! (I miss St. George so much 😭)
Elder White
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