Fifth email!

December 26, 2016

Buenos Dias Familia (and friends)

I think that’s how you spell it… I’m not even sure that’s correct spanish for “good afternoon family”. I am too lazy to get on google translate and see if it is correct spelling!
Anyway, everything is going pretty good over here. Not in the way of investigators or baptisms, but I’m doing ok in case any of you are wondering. This area is pretty hard, and is known to the mission as the hardest area, especially without a car. Everyone I want to go see is super far away by means of biking to them, and lots of the members are busy when we want to go see them. So, it’s pretty difficult! But I’m not too upset about that, I’m leaving this area in about a week anyway, so the new missionaries can deal with this area!
Christmas was a flippen’ blast. I had the time of my life over at my Ward Mission Leaders mother in law’s place. There was 15 of us, so not too big compared to the White’s get together’s, but them people over there are funny as heck. None of them but Brother Colett (ward mission leader) are LDS, but they are really respectful of us and are clean with their jokes. No swears, no disrespect to us, and they didn’t make fun of our church! The only thing they made fun of was themselves! Even Chick (that’s what they call their mom, shes like 80 somethin’) was making jokes. It felt like I was at home, and I would go back in a heart beat. They even gave me presents! I got a pure silver coin from one of them, and European chocolate! Which isn’t the most amazing chocolate… it’s actually pretty gross if I am 100% honest with everyone. The brand is Merci “Europe’s finest assortment of chocolates”. Nasty, I’ll take a Hershey chocolate bar over that. I also got a nice tie from Brother Colette.
Getting to call my family was awesome. Although, nothing really new has happened in the month, week, and 3 days i’ve been gone, but it still felt nice to catch up a little bit. Got to talk for 45 minutes, while my companion talked for nearly 2 hours… Obeying mission rules brings blessings is what I’m told 😅.
Another family on Christmas eve had us over for dinner, that was pretty good, but that family is a little bit crazy… but they also gave me a present! I got a camo beanie from them and a stocking filled with candy.
Also, I am sending my SD card soon that has pictures and a video on it. Some of the pictures shows what I got on Christmas. Ya’ll will also see a few roads, my apartment, and my residence. So be expecting that sometime in the near future!
Well, that’s my update! I love ya’ll so much and miss everyone! So far this mission has been moving by pretty fast! Thanks for the letters and cards by the way!
Elder White
(Mommy Moments: I want you to know he is not in a Spanish speaking mission, Pfftt!! This is just Elder White’s personality shinning through. Tee Hee!! He will be leaving Oklahoma next week, he will no longer get to serve in Oklahoma. That state is being taken out of his mission and put in to another mission. We got to talk to Elder White on the phone on Christmas Day. I am so thankful for the Gospel, it really does change lives.)
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