New year, New Email

Jan. 2, 2017

Hey family and friends!

So yes, I am getting transferred after just 2 weeks and a few days in Henryetta. The area I am in (Tulsa East) is getting taken away and put into the Oklahoma City mission. So, I am getting “shotgunned” out and being put into Lake Ozark, Missouri! I am pretty pumped to go into another area, which I wasn’t told what area it is in. All I know is the city that I am going to, my companion, and who is taking me to Lake Ozark.
My companions name is Elder Connor? Honestly I don’t know his name… when I got into the Conference call I couldn’t understand what his name was. Elder Thurgood (my companion) said “I think they said Elder Gon”. I’ll update everyone next week and let you know for sure.
But Lake Ozark… So far from the pictures I have seen, it looks similar to Henryetta, but with water all around it. Seems like it has so many trees everywhere too… Just like over here, but they are all either dead or really ugly because they have no leaves. And still no mountains to be seen there, just hills and flatness. I miss the mountains around me! They make a city look so much better, and they also protect you from tornadoes, so mountains are just a plus to a state/city.
So my last thoughts about leaving Henryetta. I don’t want to leave quite yet. Everything good just started to happen! We’ve been meeting with an amazing family that owns a zoo in their backyard and they are so nice and so open to the gospel. Elder Thurgood and I taught them almost 3 whole lessons one day because they had so many questions. They were super receptive to what we were saying, and even agreed to go to church and read the Book of Mormon. They showed up at church, but couldn’t stay the whole time, which is fine! They really liked how our church ran, they especially liked the idea of the youth and other people speaking in church instead of just one preacher. I told the two elders to send me a picture of their baptism (I just know they will get baptized!) when it happens. But I know the Lord wants me in Lake Ozark, I wouldn’t be sent there for no reason, and maybe i’ll be able to do a lot more work there than what I have done here!
But anyway, I am really starting to get used to missionary work and life. Everything (or so I have noticed) is so much easier when you actually feel like you get things done. Which is why I don’t want to leave Henryetta quite yet, but like I said earlier, God wants me in Lake Ozark for a reason!
I love you all! Thanks for the letters and the emails, I really do appreciate it!
Elder White
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