Hey Family/Friends!

Jan. 9, 2017

Hello me famiglia (Italian for family if you didn’t guess it)

Here is the address yall’s can send letters or packages to “4320 Osage Beach Pkwy, Osage Beach, MO 65065” Just so I don’t forget!

So, Lake Ozark! It’s a lot better than Henryetta in like every aspect known to man. It’s spacious, but not too spacious, it has a lake that I can’t go too, and everyone that’s inactive is on the far side of the dadgummin town… Thankfully we have a truck, but we only get so many miles, and the members here aren’t too cooperative with giving us rides… and we also only get like 1400 miles a month to do what we have to, so its hard on us. That doesn’t stop us though, because we have been putting in a lot of work. I am pretty sure the mission office will understand if we go a bit over. At least I hope…
My companions name is Elder Guana, not Gon or Connor. But so far he is an absolutely amazing person to be around! he’s really funny, teaches the Gospel really well, and he’s really patient! Now, I’m not saying I have been a burden on him, but with what’s been going on recently, he has shown lots of patients. Let me explain:
So one of our newest investigators had a dream about her dad. Her dad apparently came to her and told her that he is now a Mormon, and that she reminds him of Brigham Young. Ya, interesting right? So we explain to her that “oh ya Brigham Young was an amazing man, really nice” and all that. She takes it and starts almost praising herself when she heard that… But the best part out of all of this, so this happened on Saturday. The very next day, she calls us at FOUR O’clock IN THE MORNING! So we decide not to answer because sleep is very very very very important to us missionaries. but then she calls us again just an hour earlier! we ignore again because we decide “if she had another dream about the church, it can wait till the morning.” after she calls again she starts texting. Her texts were explaining this “I’ve been kicked out of my husbands moms house, they both don’t want anything to do with me anymore, I’m outside, cold, hungry, and out of gas. Please help me!” so we read this and think, well what can we do? were not allowed to have her in the car with us, but then she texts almost right after “I’m at my sisters house, but please help me, Don’t turn your back on me. I know Jesus Christ will pull me out of this.”
So it’s at this time that we text her back and explain to her, “we’re sorry that has happened, we can’t do much at this time, please just hang on for a little bit we need to get the whole situation before we can do anything”. so she says “OK thank you” and we continue on with our Sunday by getting ready and going to church. We also thought to tell the bishop but one of the Elderly missionaries told us “just stay out of it, I’ll figure it out”. so we don’t go to the bishop then and continue with our day!
It’s a very interesting situation for us, and my companion has been very stressed out over this. She still texts us asking us “whats going on” and stuff like that. But we don’t think we can help her out very much because it’s not our place for that! we are going to see her husband and get the full story before we make any big decisions!
But ya, that’s probably the most interesting thing I have ever heard of and been apart of so far on my mission! Anyway, I am really enjoying this area, the people that we have been teaching so far have been really cooperative with the Gospel, in fact we have a baptism on Friday! Elder Guana and his previous companion have been teaching him for a while and he is ready for baptism! So things are going great! I truly am grateful to be here, and I know that everything that has been happening that’s been good has been because of the Lord! I haven’t forgotten that and I will never forget it!
I love you all! and i’ll see yall soon! (as in a year 10 months and like 2 weeks)
Elder White
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