What’s good everybody?

January 16, 2017

Hello e’erybody!

So, I’ve been great… just dealing with the ice storm that just happened. The funny thing is, I was on an exchange (where we switch companions for a day) and I wasn’t prepared for anything, and my new companion decided to go tracking! Ya, he has thermals, a trench coat, all of that fancy stuff and tells me “huh, it’s a bit cold out!”. I won’t express my feelings I had towards that person at that time.
Unfortunately I don’t have my camera with me at the moment, so i’ll have to email pictures of the beautiful ice covering literally everything! It was very pretty, I promise I’ll email pictures of it next week!
This week was fairly uneventful, there is one thing I do want to explain, it was while I was on my exchange. This man answers his door (his name is Shawn) and he asks us to come in before we even say a word. So, we go in, and he starts explaining why he let us in. Shawn said that “I was once a missionary for my church. I was a full blown baptist, only read the king James version of the bible! I loved it! So whenever any missionary knocks on my door, I let them in and allow them to talk to me.” We then start talking to him, get to know him a bit more, and then he tells us a story about when he served in the military. He tells us that one day when he was riding in a big armored vehicle, there was about 5 people on each side of the vehicle, meaning a set of seats on each side besides the back and front. But on the front side there was one seat, and there sat a Muslim.
He then explains that “what are you going to do if you are riding for 8 hours straight? you are going to start talking to somebody. We both were pretty familiar with our books” (hes talking about their bibles, I don’t remember what the Muslims “book” is)” and we start bashing each other. In the end, not one of us could say who was right, we each had solid arguments. After that, I couldn’t say I was a christian any more. That argument TORE” (He literally emphasized that word) “my religion from me.” He goes on a little bit more but I found it interesting that because of one silly little argument he couldn’t say he “knew the truth anymore”.
I’m getting to my point just keep reading! Anyways, so we start having a little discussion about our church, it never got heated, he respected us so much that he never disregarded what we were saying. He played “devils advocate” the whole time. Like we couldn’t satisfy him at all. He couldn’t accept that we know our church is true because of the Holy Ghost. He says, “but that’s not good enough, I need to know the ‘why'”. We would continue to explain how other things of the church were through revelation, and he would say stuff like “well how do you know” and we would say “we prayed about it and asked if it was true”. He absolutely could not accept that.
When we tried to get him to commit to reading the book of mormon and pray if it’s true. He said “no… well you know what, yes I will”. I’m hoping that he actually prays with real intent, because he really does want the truth, but he is very unwilling to do any work to find it. I wanted to explain to him that “you can’t find something if you don’t look for it” but I decided against it.
So, what I learned from this. I learned that people can be really stubborn, but if you are patient with them, even they can’t say no to trying something they haven’t done before. We were talking with him for a little bit more than an hour. We just kept trying to convince him that through the spirit, if you have real intent to know, you can find the truth for any question. Of course, if God deems it worthy to be answered!
I really enjoyed meeting with him, I learned a lot about teaching. But anyway that’s all I’ve got for this week! I love all of yalls!
Elder White
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