Hello family/friends!

February  1, 2017

Hey family and friends!

Sorry that this is so late, my Mission President decided to try
something new. Meaning since transfers are this week, he wanted P-day
to be the day before transfer day, so that’s why I am emailing
everyone right now!

So transfers, I am staying where I am, and Elder Gauna is going to MTN
Grove Missouri. My new companion will be Elder Greenwood. Elder Gauna
says he’s a really funny person and really cool. So that’s awesome!
Also, said that his funnest transfer was with Elder Greenwood! It’s
going to be hard seeing Elder Gauna leave though, he has been super
fun to be around and he’s really good at teaching the Gospel! But
we’ll see how things go this next coming 6 weeks!

Anyway, we had an interesting visit with one of our new investigators
“Rochelle”. She came to us which was awesome, her sister is a member
and her mom is investigating the church also, so I’m guessing that’s
what got her interested in learning more. She already believes a lot
of the same things that we do. But she feels like if she goes to our
church she’d be “betraying” her church that she went to, but hasn’t
been going to that church because the pastor doesn’t live there anymore.
So it’s an interesting situation. We had one of her good friends come
over (who is a member) and talk to her. Kyle (the friend) is really
amazing, when he was talking I just knew that it was making sense to
Rochelle. She understood and is liking our church more and more! We
are meeting with her again on sunday, i’ll try to get kyle to go over

Also, President Loveland Thought it a great idea to change our number
in the middle of the day on saturday. He wanted us to have a more
local number, so all of our tracting we did just 2 weeks ago is now
void! We gave like 5 Books of Mormon to people, and they all had our
number in them! I am kind of upset about it, but whatever he sees fit
and good for us I’ll go along with too. (Even though it caused a lot
of headaches and stress to both me and Elder Gauna). A lot of the
members were trying to get a hold of us and we didn’t know until that
night. One of the members was actually thinking we were dead! They
were fully prepared to go to our apartment to check on us. That made
me feel loved!

Well that was my week! Thanks for all the emails and the letters! I
really do appreciate all that everyone has done for me so far! Love
you all!

Elder White

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