Another Week! LOOK AT THAT!

February 13, 2017

Hey family!

So, sorry in advance for the short email this week. Not too much has happened for the past while, just a lot of going around and showing Elder Greenwood more members. One of the members actually has been doing some work! He started to talk to two people on sunday at a car shop (his tires started to leak to much and needed them replaced ASAP atleast according to him 😂) and those two people actually want to learn more! So sometime this week he wants to take us out and go meet with them! that’s FLIPPEN exciting! When members do missionary work, it makes our work easier 😀, so speaking from experience, and without being mean, DO SOME MISSIONARY WORK! Just because you ain’t no proselyting missionary, don’t mean you can’t talk to some people, and like this member you could potentially get someone to agree to lessons! Which is VERY IMPORTANT! You will also get so many blessings for it! Many prophets in the past have exclaimed to us over and over that “every member is a missionary”! President Hinckley said awhile ago (sometime around 1995) that there were “approximately 300,000 new converts to the church, which equals to about 120 new stakes but it’s not enough!”. After that he goes on to say that “I am not being unrealistic when I say that with concerted effort we could double that!” I did a bit of research, and so far, we haven’t even come CLOSE to doubling that!
Now, this email is not to beat on anyone for not doing missionary work (I most certainly didn’t do any of that when I was home) I also didn’t have anything to write about this past week 😂. But, it would be very cool to hear about all of your stories back at home about doing missionary work! Whether it is talking to someone at the store, inviting someone to church, or giving the “family proclamation to the world” to someone! Planting those seeds is important! When they are planted by us, God will “give the increase” or in other words, he will do most of the work! (1 Corinthians 3: 6-7)
I love you all OH so much!
Elder White
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